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Welcome to the SpaceBattles Factions Database. Here, we have a vast collection of information gathered from the Internet about the various factions that SpaceBattles debates, talks and discusses via its forum. If you are a member of SpaceBattles or are just interested in the factions on this wiki, feel free to contribute. Please note that this wiki is for canon material only, not fan fiction or otherwise. Also, all factions mentioned and featured on the wiki below to those who have their copyrights. This wiki claims no ownership over any factions or information used. 


There are various factions and such used in debates across the Internet and specifically on SpaceBattles. There are many different forms of factions as well, including Ancient, Allied and Enemy varieties. Some have hordes of information available to them, whilst a large number have none at all. This wiki is dedicated to the culmilation of all the information we can possibility gather on the factions discussed on SpaceBattles and beyond.

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