The Hierarchy of Laguna are the Angels that Bayonetta encounters during The Game. They are the soldiers of Paradiso that Bayonetta hunts down. The angels are collectively referred to as "Laguna" and worshipped by the people of Vigrid. All Angels share certain characteristics: marble-like skin covering twisted musculature, gold-and-ivory armor (occasionally tinted), and a large golden halo above their heads or bodies. The higher-ranking Angels can be identified by their more elaborate armor and halos.

The Angels

Third Sphere


Affinity, Dear and Decorations, Enchant




Ardor, Irenic

Second Sphere


Beloved, Kinship


Fairness, Grace and Glory


Fearless, Harmony

First Sphere






Gracious and Glorious, Joy


Fortitudo, Temperantia, Iustitia, Sapientia



The Infinite One

Father Rodin

Third Sphere

The Affinities are the basic angel grunts that appear as enemies throughout the game. They attack in large numbers, usually with the help of other angels. Affinity A has a staff it uses to attack. Affinity B uses a trumpet to attack at long range. Affinity C cannot fly, but has a trombone it uses to attack at range. Affinity D wields a morning star. Affinity E carries a halberd, and is usually cloaked in flames that make it impossible to attack with melee techniques. They can be damaged in Witch Time, though, as well as through bullets, whips long-range attacks, and Durga (only if using it while in Fire Mode).

Applauds are one step above Affinities, and thus known as Archangels. Occupying the eight position within the nine-level Angelic Hierarchy, Archangels are still considered close to the physical world, and often come into contact with human kind. It is said that devoted prayer on the part of believers can call upon a flock of angels to come to one's aid.

The highest ranking member of the Third Sphere, Ardor are christened with the rank of Principalities. Presiding over the protection of the masses from evil spirits, they are equipped with a shield and armor of proof. Wielding the power of Paradiso on those who encroach upon happiness, Ardor are recipients of much adoration from those seeking salvation.

With limited spiritual powers, this angel is spotted comparatively frequently within the physical, human world. Dears, with their dignified faces, are surrounded by the countless childlike faces of their Decorations. Capriciously firing arrows, they are often mistaken for Cupid. It is said that one of their arrows, shot through the heart of a believer, can be as infatuating as the goddess of love.

If humans were truly able to see angels, they would never expect an angel to appear as an automobile. However, it goes without saying that Irenic has existed since long before even the concept of history; Irenic is charged with spreading the message of Divine Will across Paradiso, and is most commonly depicted as a boxy form with four wheels capable of achieving great speeds. Faster than even the wind, it can cross Paradiso, thousands of times larger than the human world, in nary a single day. Irenic is first known to have appeared before humanity in the mid 18th century, coinciding with the start of the Industrial Revolution and the development of the first steam-powered automobiles.

Enchants are angels shaped like cart wheels. The impetus behind this fateful form was the Creator's desire to craft an angel designed to compel humanity to continue its struggle and feel no satisfaction at surpassing others. Enchants protect the field of God from human encroachment and are further responsible for passing communication to Paradiso and correcting the trespasses of humanity.

Second Sphere

Within the Second Sphere Dominions, whose name imparts feelings of control, sovereignty, and governance, the angels named Harmony stand as a special symbol of peace. When appearing in our world, it is said that humans experience their presence as an auroraesque light; however, when viewed from Purgatorio, one would see Harmony embracing humans within their outstretched, fin-like wings. Often pictured holding a trident and floating through the skies, Harmony are tasked with the defense of the Heavens, even within Paradiso itself.

Kinship, as one of the Second Sphere Powers charged with defeating evil beings, is responsible for transporting the forces of Paradiso onto the battlefield. Leading countless angels to the front lines, catching sight of Kinship's magnificent flying appearance is analogous to many as the arrival of true happiness. It is thought that Kinship is the angelic manifestation of the ark that saved a foolish human race from the devastating flood described in the Book of Creation within the scriptures of Ithavoll.

Belovedis a member of the Second Sphere class Powers, ranked sixth in the angelic hierarchy. Its status is more that of a spiritual being, but it is also burdened with destroying the enemies of Paradiso. While still considered amongst the lower classes of angels, Beloved's power is of a far higher-order than that of a human, and even those with strong spiritual powers are seldom afforded the chance to meet this being. Excelling in combat, Beloved are known for brilliant exploits in demonic battles.

Fairness is a Virtue charged with the administration of miracles, it is wrapped in flames when appearing in the physical world, a power emblematic of its courage. A torrent of flame blazing as bright as the sun, these flames become the light that burns away darkness from those who recieve the graces of Fairness. However, for those out of the angel's good graces, they are the fire and brimstone of destruction.

Fearless are classified as Dominions, the fourth rank amongst the hierarchy of angels. Controlling the lightning feared by many as the instrument of divine justice, Fearless make known the majesty of God to the masses. Almost all of the naturally occuring lightning in the world is a result of the actions of these angels. It is said that divine wrath against gluttons is released in the lightning's flash, as the thunder signals heaven's roar.

Grace, draped in flame, and Glory, controller of lightning, are the twin escorts of the Creator. They share a wild disposition and are often depicted as gods of war, heroically leading the soldiers of Paradiso into battle, with their giant claw-like weapons being symbols of their ferocity. Humanity recognizes the increased spiritual power of twins, a power that comes from the blessings of Grace and Glory.

First Sphere

Inspired are members of the angelic First Sphere, in the rank known as Thrones. Those in this class are spiritual beings of the highest order, never meeting directly with humanity. Works of art have depicted them as flaming wheels; however, artists of true inspiration have pictured Inspired as a long snake-like body encircling upon itself. It is often thought that Inspired act as a wheel, holding up the chariot of the beloved God. In truth, Inspired are actually fighting alongside their angelic cohorts, randomly swallowing up the followers of darkness.

Joysare members of the Seraphim class within the angelic hierarchy's First Sphere. These beings have broken free of any physical conception of form and have become truly spiritual. Their body is as free as a flowing river, and it takes shape only on a temporary basis. Joy may take the shape of the human feminine form, but the Seraphim can also shape shift, or even separate into multiple sentient forms, at will.

It can be said that Braves are capable of carrying God upon their shoulders. Moving in groups of three, each Brave wears the halo of the Second Sphere Powers upon its head; however when necessary, Braves can combine three of their bodies into one true form, a First Sphere Cherubim. Boasting the most brute strength of all the inhabitants of Paradiso, an unknown number of evils have faced judgment at the hands of Braves.

Within the nine ranks of the angelic hierarchy, the highest ranking Seraphim are charged with governing the love and zeal of the Creator. The pure white armored Gracious and the black armor-clad Gloriousare often sighted in pairs; however, their existence itself remains legend, subject to rumors of varied veracity. Supposedly gifted with incredible god-like powers there are no records of Gracious or Glorious appearing on the battlefield of evil; however, it is said this is because a mere taste of their power is enough to destroy the world, devastating all its path - both the record and the record-keeper.

Long ago, to protect their homeland from invasion, the Umbra and Lumen came together to develop a giant weapon. Only the Lumen and Umbra knew the secrets to controlling its enormous form, causing it to transform into monsters capable of attacking foes. The Golem,as they called it, would become more powerful in accordance to its master's strength. The Golem's control center is its core, which receives the orders of its master. It is the weaker point of the device; however, no weapon is capable of destroying it. Numerous Golems were constructed in case of war, but were secreted away in another dimension. Now, even 500 years after the two clans' destruction, Golems remain hidden away, still under their master's orders.


Fortitudo, the Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude, is an enemy boss in Bayonetta, one of the Auditio seeking to recover the left eye of the world and revive Jubileus, The Creator. His subname is 'In Labors and Dangers'. Amongst the spiritually powerful of the Middle Ages, it was thought Paradiso held for all a Divine Will, and as a result, they developed heavenly logic. The concept of the "Cardinal Virtues" was born of this logic, and classifies Paradiso's Divine Will into four broad groups. These Cardinal Virtues occasionally become physical manifestations of the great intentions of Paradiso, and are known as the Laguna, inspiring awe in the masses. Personifying courage and fortitude, Fortitudo has been depicted as a terrifying being of sporting an enormous face and two dragon's heads. He is said to be capable of summoning magma flows at will.

Within Paradiso's Divine Will, also known as the Cardinal Virtues, Iustitia, or Justice, is known to take a particularly strange physical manifestation. A large mass covered with numerous faces, and extending outwards via countless tentacles, Iustitia could easily pass for a demon. This may be due to the fact that those depicting the angel are filled beyond comprehension with awe of the sheer difficulty of encouraging justice in the world. Among Paradiso's Divine Will, there are those who believe that Iusttitia is the closest of the Cardinal Vitures to hell. Justice is said to be based upon rules established by man, to be followed by man, and changing one's viewpoint can lead to a change in what is evil. This uncertainty may be a manifestation of the existing folklore and depictions of Iustitia.

Sapientia, the Cardinal Virtue of Prudence, is an enemy boss in Bayonetta, one of the Auditio seeking to recover the left eye of the world and revive Jubileus, The Creator. Sapientia is the highest ranking Auditio, as well as a general of all Laguna. Sapientia is first encountered accompanying Jeanne in her confrontation with Bayonetta on a plane which had captured Cereza. However, lack of control of Jeanne, and constant reminding of their objective, cause Jeanne to lash out at him, forcing him off the plane to confront Bayonetta personally. However, Sapienta (whether accidental or not is unknown) shot a fire ball at the ship, causing it to plummet into the ocean with him. Sapientia is an angel of high order, sent to combat Bayonetta. Its appearance is that of an armored dragon at first, though toward the battle's end, his horns and wings are destroyed, and he takes on the appearance of an oversized lizard. He also has porcelain faces that adorn the joints of his legs. Like most of the powerful angels, he is adorned with lustrous metals and jewels. Strangely, his metallic appearance is never lost, as usually the angels reveal musculature when they are seriously wounded, but he retained his machine-like appearance, even after Bayonetta dismembered him.

Temperantiais, like all Auditio, colossal in size compared to other Laguna. He appears to be based loosely on a knight, though without legs and his head is in his chest. His arms are attached to his body via an orange light and rotating rings. On the end of these arms are four tube appendages each able to fire bullets, which act similarly to hands. Along parts of his body are hemispheres, each with a pulsing spot in them (that bleed when hit, suggesting he is biological under his armor), five in total, one on each arm, two on the bottom of the main body and one on his back. His human like face (a trait among most Laguna) is, unlike other Auditio, is the only head he has (Fortitudo had three, Iustitia had seven and Sapientia has five.) His clone, Temperance, appears almost exactly the same as Temperantia, but his armor has a green theme as opposed to red. He also lacks the hemispheres on his arms and body. his size appears to be more in scale with Temperantia than Fortitudo and Courage, and seems consistent within his three appearances. Temperantia has a wide range of powers. Due to his mechanical nature, each of his fingers can fire bullets, which he would do while holding the rubble Bayonetta is on, and due to the flexibility of each finger, he can hold the rubble and fire at Bayonetta with only on hand, which came in handy after his first arm was torn off. As a security feature, each hemisphere can project and fire projectiles at attackers, which can be done even when the nerve within them has been destroyed, something the main one that Temperantia's face hides in can also do. He can also extend his face out of his armor to attack enemies on his body with lasers. He can also fly, but the process as to how was never explained. He has natural powers of the wind.

Lumen Sages

One of the two clans who oversaw time, along with the Umbra Witches. Their affinity is to light, Paradiso, and the sun. They possess the Right Eye of the Eyes of the World. One power the Lumen Sages possess is "Light Speed", mirroring the Umbra Witches' "Witch Time". Bayonetta, as the child of an Umbra and Lumen, is capable of both feats. 500 years ago a Lumen Sage and an Umbra Witch conceived a child, thus sending the clans into a chaotic loop of battle. The war had ended in the Umbra Witches' favor, and the Lumen vanished from this world. The last Lumen launched the Witch Hunts, and the all of the witches were murdered as well. All but two, Bayonetta and Jeanne.

As the last of the Lumen Sages and the Right Eye of Jubileus, Balderis incredibly powerful. Using only a tiny fraction of his power, Balder was able to fling Luka out of a window (breaking several walls in the process) and to stop time with his Light Speed technique. And even having the abilty to revert Bayonetta back to normal mode when she uses her Serious mode. During combat, he shows more of his abilities, including being able to fly, create a variety of energy attacks such as a swordlike weapon from his hand, summon balls of energy that arch around him which can be thrown simultaniously at enemies and he is also able to use high-level telekinesis evidenced by when he rips buildings out of the ground. He also commands a satellite based particle beam weapon orbiting the planet that produces a concentrated blast of energy to shoot down unsuspecting targets, he commands the satellite using the power of his mind. He is also capable of destroying more than one of Bayonetta's Infernal Demons and using the dead demon to fully replenish his vitality. His endurance is impressive as he appears almost unfazed when a building is thrown at him. Lastly he is able to create angelic barriers to protect himself from bullets.

The Infinite One; Father Rodin was actually an angel who successfully conquered a section of Paradiso some time before the events of the game, was eventually deposed and stripped of his powers, and used the Platinum Ticket to get back to his original power. He also fell out with the high angels, so he allied himself with the Umbra Witch Bayonetta and Enzo. He is easily the strongest enemy encountered in the game (albeit a completely optional, hidden boss), absolutely immune to being stunned and really hard to stagger, and possessing attacks capable of taking as much as a third of Bayonetta's totalhit points in just one combo. Father Rodin features a large range of attacks, which varies from melee to ranged. Much of them, as previously said, are able to dismember Bayonetta in something like three shots. Most of them are punches, or combo of punches, and he is able to throw wicked weaves, as Bayonetta does, from afar. He can also summon some fire spheres similar to the Bazillions when equipped to the feet, that are thrown much faster than the other attacks from the other bosses, or a single bigger blue sphere that traps you. The sphere attack is much like the one of Father Balder, only that you have even more time to get out of here, as Rodin will charge you with a powerful punch. Another attack similar to Balder's is his spin attack, strong and pretty difficult to block with the Moon of Mahaa Kalaa equipped. One of the other attacks, strong but luckily the slowest, is a charging dash. This will be hard not to notice, as a green circle will form around him and he prepares to, well, charge you. What makes him very strong and dangerous is his speed, which is noticeable not only in his lightning-fast fist combos, but in his movements. You can hardly keep distance to charge a sword charge attack, not to mention other combos, and he can suddenly dash to totally nullify the distance and begin punching. He blocks very often, and during this fight Witch Time is disabled. Thus, you have very little opportunities to strike him without fearing a quick counter-attack of some sort. The only moments when he is totally "vulnerable" are when he is taunting you (which happens mostly after he dealt a third-of-total-life damage), or after some attacks. Another way to hit him, though very dangerous, is when he casts down a rain of fire meteors. He stands in one place, mid-air, not blocking attacks or dodging them.


Jubileus is the final boss of Bayonetta, She is the "creator" towards which Father Balder and the Cardinal Virtues are working towards reviving. Jubileus is easily the most "epic and intense" boss fight in Bayonetta. The fight itself comes in five main stages:

Inside the translucent orange orb in space. This stage is relatively straightforward: Jubileus has several ribbon-like golden tendrils extending from her back; as you damage her, these will become stone and useless. She will implant these into the ground, and then either shoot fireballs from them (dodging these activates Witch Time), shoot balls of lightning from them, which will hit the ground and electrify it, causing damage if the electricity is touched, send down small missiles to rain down on you, or summon a phoenix which will attempt to fly into you. In any of these cases, the tendrils can be attacked; hitting them causes damage to Jubileus. Throughout this section there will also be two angel-heads trying to ram into you; pay attention to these, and dodge their attacks, but do not waste time killing them, as this does not damage Jubileus, leaves you vulnerable to her more powerful attacks, and the destroyed one is replaced by another almost immediately. Occasionally, the camera will change angle to look straight at Jubileus in the centre of the orb, she will say something, and then punch at Bayonetta three times. Hitting her fist will also cause damage to her (Wicked Weave attacks are useful to get her just after she has taken her hand away), but only dodging the third punch can activate Witch Time. After you have dealt enough damage to her, the fight will move to the next stage.

The orb is filled with lava, with channels of stone to run across. Falling into the lava will cause damage, but it is not easy to run off the stone channels. The tendrils will be placed at set points in the orb, availible for you to attack. As you approach them, they will shoot two fireballs at you; these are easy to dodge. However, you will not be able to deal much damage to them before she pulls them away; even if you have activated Witch Time, she will still retract them after you have dealt a certain amount of damage. There are no other real threats in this stage. After you have dealt a certain amount of damage, Witch Time will be activated and you will find yourself on one of a series of platforms (just the same as with Fortitudo). Jump up them to reach Jubileus's head; strike it a few times and this stage will be over. In the brief interlude before the next stage, you are given a few seconds when she is lying helpless on the floor beside you; get in as many Wicked Weaves as you can before the next section.

The orb becomes a frozen lake, with rolling boulders and falling spikes. This is significantly harder than the previous stage. The falling spikes will freeze you, as will touching the frozen lake (wearing the odette will protect you from the lake), and being struck by a boulder will flatten you. Each of these three will deal a large amount of damage, and (frustratingly) immobilise you for a few seconds. Avoid these three things at all cost! The method of dealing damage is the same as the previous stage however, except that when you approach the tendrils they will shoot balls of ice at you (which will also freeze you), rather than fireballs. After dealing damage to Jubileus's head, you get another few seconds of her lying helpless beside you.

The orb becomes a set of platforms above a tornado, with Jubileus in the centre. The angel-heads will be here again, but the main threats of this stage are the lasers that come down from the sky, identical to the lasers from Balder's sattelite. These can be dodged in the same way and will not destroy the larger platforms but will destroy the smaller platforms if you are standing on them; in this case, not only will you be damaged by the laser itself, but you will be thrown down into the tornado and will take significant damage from the fall. The method of damaging her is the same as the previous two stages, except that this time the tendrils will shoot balls of lighting that will electrify the ground, in the same way as the first stage. After you have dealt enough damage then you will progress to the final stage.

Again inside the translucent orange orb, with Jubileus using several additional attacks. This stage is by far the hardest. In addition to all of the attacks from the first stage, Jubileus will also throw down a set of spiral galaxy-like blue disks; being hit by one of these will transform you into the younger Bayonetta, who moves much more slowly. The disks can be dodged easily by double jumping, then transforming into Crow Within and hovering until they vanish. After you have been transformed, Jubileus will punch three times: the first two will miss, the third will definitely hit, but immidiately prior to this, you will be transformed back into the older Bayonetta, with the capability to dodge; however, the time you have to dodge within is a much shorter interval even than that needed to activate Witch Time. Another new attack has her implanting all of her tendrils into the ground, and punching the area immidiately below her; if you see her doing this, then transform into a panther and run as far away as possible, because her punch will generate a purple portal-like object, and falling into this will cause instant death. Continue running until it disappears. Staying out of it should be relatively easy, providing you don't fall pray to the temptation to hit the tendrils a few times before you run. Doing so will result in death. After you have reduced her final, yellow, health bar to about half, then the climax sequence will begin. After pressing the combination, Bayonetta will use her hair to form a spiralling platform around Jubileus up to her face. Jubileus will attempt to hit you off with her arms; these swipes are very easy to dodge however, and even if they hit you then you can just start running up the hair again. Once you reach the top then the hair will bind Jubileus in place, allowing you to hit her head without retaliation (except from the angel-heads); this is followed by the Queen Sheba climax. It is also possible to not climb the strand of hair but stay at the bottom of the Orb and slash at her feet or at her hands when she tries to punch downwards. this drains her lifebar very quickly if you can make contact.