Daleks were mutated descendants of the Kaleds of the planet Skaro. They fought the Time Lords in the Last Great Time War, resulting in the near-total destruction of both races. Regarded by the Doctor as his greatest enemy, the Daleks were hated and feared throughout time and space. ===Biology === ===Although the Daleks looked entirely robotic, they were in fact cybernetic organisms or cyborgs, with a biological body encased in and supported by a protective outer shell of Dalekanium metal armour, armed and mobile. In this respect, they were somewhat similar to a Cyberman; unlike them, however, the Daleks' bodies had mutated so drastically from their Kaled ancestors they had lost all humanoid appearance, save for one eye. The Daleks shared information using a sort of telepathic network known as the Pathweb. The Dalek casing, originally called a "travel unit” could be separated into three sections. ===

  • Top:: The Dalek's mean of vision and communication, a dome with a set of twin speakers on the upper part of the sides and a telescope-like eyestalk in the middle. Attached to the mid-section by a "neck"
  • Mid: On the Dalek's "chest" the Gunstick & Manipulator arm is attached, the Dalek's means of offence and operating capabilities.
  • Bottom: The Dalek's mean of mobility, a sturdy base with a "skirt" of plates covered with globes. Allows movement and, in newer models, flight for the Dalek.

The creatures inside their "machines" were most frequently Kaled mutants, which the Doctor once described as "little green blobs in bonded polycarbide armour", although mutated members of other species, mainly Humans, also occupied the casings on occasion. The interdependence of biological and mechanical components arguably made the Daleks a type of cyborg. The Imperial Daleks created by Davros during the Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War were inarguably true cyborgs, surgically connected to their shells. Externally, Daleks resembled human-sized peppershakers, with a single mechanical eyestalk in a rotating dome, a gunstick and a manipulator arm. The casings were made of bonded polycarbide armour a material that was also called dalekanium. The lower shell was covered with 56 hemispherical protrusions, seen as a self-destruct system and is possibly also the shield generators. The voice of a Dalek was electronic, the Dalek creature having no vocal apparatus as such. Their most infamous statement was "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!", with each syllable individually screeched in a frantic electronic scream. Other common utterances included "I (or WE) OBEY!" to any command given by a superior. Daleks also had a radio communicator built into their shells, and emitted an alarm to summon other nearby Daleks if the casing was opened from outside. The Dalek's eyepiece was its most vulnerable spot, and impairing its vision often led to its main weapon being fired indiscriminately. The Dalek casing also functioned as a fully-sealed environment suit, allowing travel through the vacuum of space or underwater without the need for additional life-support equipment. A Dalek was connected to its casing through a positronic link while the mutant itself accesses nutrient feeders and control mechanisms inside its internal chamber. Due to their gliding motion, some models of Dalek were notoriously unable to tackle stairs, which made them easy to overcome under the right circumstances. For example, at one time the Doctor and his companions escaped from Dalek pursuers by climbing into a ceiling duct. Some models appeared to be able to hover, or even travel under their own power like small spacecraft.The armour of Dalek Sec and Dalek Caan had temporal shift capacity, possibly unique to those units and the others of the Cult of Skaro. The power source of the Dalek casing appears to have varied at different points in their history. During his first encounter with them on Skaro, the Doctor learned that the casing was externally powered by static electricity transmitted through the metal floors of the Dalek City. Isolating a Dalek from the floor using a non-conductive material shut down the casing, although it was not immediately fatal to the occupant. This weakness was not seen on any other occasion. By the beginning of the Last Great Time War the Daleks had adapted their technology to use a form of energy apparently inextricably linked to the process of time travel (possible Artron Energy.) On more than one occasion Daleks and their devices were seen to leech this energy from time-travelers to power themselves. Whatever the power source was that the Daleks used in the interim, it was (apparently uniquely) immune to being drained by the City of the Exxilons. Strangely, the Daleks retained motive power and the ability to speak even though their weaponry was shut down (strongly suggesting the weapon systems had a separate power supply). The Doctor indicated that this was because the Daleks were psychokinetic, the City being unable to absorb psychic energy. Other references to the Daleks having any kind of psychic potential are rather scarce, but on the planet Kyrol the Doctor later discovered an enclave of humanised Dalekswho had, through years of meditation, developed their psychokinesis to a remarkable degree. The casing was also booby-trapped making even dead Daleks a dangerous foe. They were frequently equipped with virus transmitters which worked automatically. Furthermore, the armour contains an automated distress beacon which activates if disturbed.

The inner casing, in which the actual Dalek resides, is equiped with a life support system and a battle-computer where strategic and tactical knowledge is stored. The Dalek Mutant operated the casings manually and once removed it was possible for other lifeforms to pilot one, that is, if they could fit within.  The interior mutant was, as Ace described it, a green or pinkish "blob." It is the brain of the Dalek and the true creature that hates everything that is not a Dalek. The "blobs" are most often genetically-mutated Kaleds or, at times, other species captured by the Daleks and are depicted as having multiple tentacle-like protrusions and a normal sized right eye with the left eye much reduced in size so as to be easily missed. Despite their apparent lack of any motive capability they are shown to be capable of defending themselves, as demonstrated when a Dalek attacked and killed a soldier. While typically the Daleks are small mutants, at least one member of the species, Dalek Sec, had extremely large tentacles and was pale green; he could even produce a sac-like membrane that appeared to come from his mouth (most likely a self-induced alteration in preparation for the final experiment). It was this membrane that he used to absorb Mr. Diagoras and transform into a Human-Dalek. Before or during the Time War, the Daleks mutated even more, it had a large eye in the centre of its body and tentacles. During WWII, three Daleks managed to engage a Progenitorand create pure-breed Dalek. Their current appearance is unknown, but presumably less mutated.


The Dalek Emperor was the supreme ruler of the Dalek Empire, commanding the Dalek race and the planet Skaro. At least six different Emperor Daleks (a.k.a. Dalek Emperor) are believed to have existed, counting Davros. One of the first Daleks, who exterminated Davros and proclaimed the Daleks' future victory over the universe assumed the role of Dalek Prime (later Dalek Emperor) and would continue to act as the Emperor throughout Dalek history.  After the neutronic war that devastated Skaro, the mutants had survived in the casings. The only humanoid Dalek survivors of the war, Yarvelling and the warlord Zolfian encountered a Dalek which persuaded them to build more Dalek casings for their mutated descendants. Before the last two humanoid Daleks died, a special casing was built for the Emperor to reflect its new rank, made of Flidor goldquartz and Arkellis flower sap. The Golden Emperor was slightly shorter than the other Daleks, with disproportionately large spheroid head section and in gold rather than grey. It also had three globes on each panel unlike other daleks. The next known incarnation of the Emperor remained in an enormous, immobile, conical shell plugged into a corner of the control room in the Dalek City on Skaro. It was connected to the wall by tubes. It spoke in an echoing voice. This Emperor was seemingly destroyed by a civil war between humanised Daleks and un-altered Daleks. However, a light was seen blinking on its casing at the end, indicating some kind of activity.  Davros was made the Emperor of the Imperial Dalek faction of the Daleks. He was encased in a customised Dalek casing with a dome top which could open and close, his body below his head and shoulders covered in a mass of tubing and cables, implying he had greatly deteriorated physically. He was last seen heading for an escape pod just before his ship was destroyed in the wake of the supernova (set off by the Hand of Omega) that consumed Skaro. Later, Davros' increasingly unstable mind was obliterated by a totally Dalek personality, that of the Emperor. This new Emperor took command of Davros's Daleks and departed. When the Daleks launched an invasion of the Milky Way from the Seriphia Galaxy, a Dalek Emperor was in command. While it successfully conquered much of the galaxy, its real goal was Project Infinity. It intended to summon Daleks from another reality. When those Daleks turned out to be appalled by genocide, the Emperor was captured by the Earth Alliance, but transmitted its consciousness into a human, Susan Mendes, to continue the war. It erased her consciousness and intended to use her form to con the galaxy into lowering its guard; however, a psychic trap caused the remnants of Mendes to awaken and trigger the destruction of all Dalek technology, killing the Emperor and devastating the Empire. It appears two Emperors existed during the Time War. One resided inKaalann on Skaro. When Skaro was devastated, he was destroyed and the Daleks fled the planet. However, another Emperor came to power and led the Dalek battle fleet in their final attack on Gallifrey. He was believed destroyed at the end of the war. During the war, one of these Dalek Emperors faced the Master and took control of the Cruciform and one formed the Cult of Skaro, a group above and beyond the Emperor, to "think as the enemy thinks" and "imagine" new ways to find victory. Unknown to anyone, the Emperor's ship had barely survived the war, falling through time. Afterwards, it went into seclusion and went on to rebuild a new race of Daleks. This Emperor was a Dalek mutant floating in a transparent tank of liquid, topped by a giant-sized Dalek dome, complete with eyestalk, flanked by panels of armour dotted by Dalek "bumps" with a ring-shaped "throne" on the bottom. Because this Emperor had recreated the Dalek race, it saw itself as a god. It had transformed its Daleks from fascists to religious fanatics worshipping it. The Emperor was apparently atomized along with the rest of theDaleks by Rose after she had absorbed the energies of the time vortex and became the Bad Wolf entitytemporal paradox in 200,100

The Cult of Skaro, named after the Dalek homeworld, was a secret group of four Daleks made up of three "Standard" Daleks and one Supreme Dalek. The Cult of Skaro were assigned the task of furthering the Dalek cause through the development of new and unorthodox ideas and strategies. The leader of the Cult claimed that it was created primarily to further the process of Dalek evolution. Their willingness to adopt alien modes of thought was demonstrated by the fact that they had individual names, a concept most Daleks found abhorrent. Led by Sec, the Black Dalek, they answered to no one, not even the Dalek Emperor, although they still revered him. The Cult of Skaro were at first just four ordinary Daleks. Dalek Sec was a commander of a Dalek group sent to wipe out the remnants of the Mechanoids which they succeeded in doing. After doing this all four of them were ordered by the Dalek Emperor to return to him. They arrived and were promoted to become the Cult of Skaro. They were then given their names and Dalek Sec was elected as their leader. They were a secret order who were to think like their enemies in order to destroy them, although their original purpose was to imagine new ways of survival. During the Last Great Time War, they operated as a final strategic reserve - rather than fighting, they escaped into the space between universes, along with what they called the Genesis Ark, a piece of Time Lord technology. Having left the universe, they avoided being caught up in the destruction of the Dalek fleet. The Torchwood Institute's meddling began to open the barrier to the Void which had been broken down by the Cult's Void ship. Torchwood Tower, known to the public as Canary Wharf, had been built around the gap into the Void so that Torchwood One could study it and use its energy. When the Void Ship opened, the Cult exited the ship and declared war - or "pest control" - against the Cybermen that had invaded Earth from Pete's World, thereby leading to the Battle of Canary Wharf. The Cult escaped the battle through a temporal shift and ended up in New York City in 1930. They infiltrated the construction of the Empire State Building and began what they called the "Final Experiment" - the creation of a new Dalek race. Inside the sewers below the Empire State Building they set up a genetic laboratory and began attempting to create new Dalek embryos. After the failure of this experiment, they tried thinking, as the Cult was designed to, and came up with the idea that they should use Earth's greatest resource, its people. They placed Dalekanium upon the mast of the Empire State Building and devised a plan to fuse the DNA of Daleks and Humans using an incoming ray of gamma radiation from the sun. Dalek Sec tested this on Mr. Diagoras and he became a Dalek-Human hybrid, now with human thoughts and emotions. Dalek Sec wanted to make the Dalek-Humans' DNA 90% human. The other Daleks, although bred to obey Sec, knew it was against the Dalek cause and so changed the DNA to 100% Dalek and imprisoned Dalek Sec. Dalek Sec was later exterminated accidentally after the other Cult members fired their gunsticks at the Doctor. The Doctor got in the way of the blast of gamma radiation and so confused the DNA with some of his own. Therefore the Humans rebelled and killed Dalek Thay and Dalek Jast. The Doctor offered Dalek Caan—the last surviving Dalek—help but instead of taking it, Caan used an emergency temporal shift to escape Caan returned to the Last Great Time War (despite the fact that the war was time-locked) and rescued Davros from his doomed command ship. Caan, however, went mad from his successful attempt at rescuing Davros. Caan was presumably killed when the Crucible was destroyed, killing the last remaning member of the Cult of Skaro.

The Dalek Prime was a senior-ranking Dalek according to some accounts. The title may have been interchangeable with Dalek Supreme, much in the same way that the Supreme was occasionally referred to as the Black Dalek. The Dalek Prime was variously the last survivor of the Daleks created first-hand by Davros, the leader of the Daleks on Skaro (the Supreme commanding off-world operations) and an amalgam of the Supreme and the Dalek Emperor. During the Shoreditch Incident, the Seventh Doctor apparently tricked Davros into destroying Skaro. The Eighth Doctor was later taken to what was apparently Skaro, with the Dalek Prime in command. It told the Doctor that Antalin had been destroyed in Skaro's place. The Daleks loyal to the Dalek Prime then won a battle against those loyal to Davros. The Dalek Prime ordered Davros executed, but he may have been teleported to safety. The Dalek Prime decreed that the Daleks would rebuild. The Dalek Prime was pulled through the Doctor's timestream, encountering the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth incarnations of the Doctor. He was finally trapped in a time loop created by the Fifth Doctor.

The Supreme Dalek served as an elite or commander Dalek. A Black Dalek known as a Supreme Controller directed the Bedfordshire operation. It had a terrifying pet called the Slyther which it used to let roam free around the mines at night, killing those it found. The Supreme Controller's voice was considerably higher than the other Daleks'. A black-and-silver-coloured Dalek referred to as the Saucer Commander was also used during this invasion. The Daleks on Earth were led by a gold Dalek in an alternate timeline in which World War III had occured in the 1970s, enabling the Daleks to take over. "The Dalek Tapes", a feature in the Genesis of the Daleks DVD, presented this Dalek as being a member of the Supreme Council. During the 26th century, Dalek Supremes were gold with black trim. The Master liased with one after he'd been hired to start a human-Draconian war. Another, a member of the Dalek's Supreme Council, arrived to take command of operations on the planet Spiridon. He ended up stranded after Thals stole his ship but called for another one. The second supreme had an eye-stalk that lit up when it was speaking.  The Dalek Tapes feature presented all golden Dalek Supremes as members of the Council. A Dalek Supreme also led the Daleks on the planet Kembel, as well as dispatching a Dalek execution squad. Later, the Black Dalek was replaced by the Dalek Emperor, which used black-domed Daleks as lieutenants. The Dalek Supreme was the supreme commander of the Daleks during the war with the Movellans. A Dalek lieutenant, a Dalek of a darker shade of grey than the rest, was also of an intermediate rank at that time. Following the Dalek-Movellan War, the Supreme Dalek was a fully black Dalek, with white bumps and a more hollow voice. He was destroyed when the prison station holding Davros self-destructed, taking the Dalek ship with it. A schism developed between the Daleks led by the Dalek Supreme and those still loyal to their creator Davros. During the civil war, the Dalek Supreme was the leader of the Renegade Daleks that opposed the Imperial Daleks commanded by Davros, now calling himself the Dalek Emperor. The Dalek Supreme ended up as the last surviving Dalek . The Seventh Doctor convinced it that it had no purpose. At this point, in a state of confusion and distress, it destroyed itself. During and after the Last Great Time War, the Dalek Supreme had once again been replaced by the Emperor who used black-domed Daleks as lieutenants. However the Cult of Skaro had Dalek Sec, a Black Dalek, as a leader. After the return of Davros and the reestablishment of the Dalek race, a red Supreme Dalek took charge of the New Dalek Empire. His casing had gold ridges around it, and its spheres were also golden. The Supreme Dalek spoke in a deep voice similar to that of the Emperor. He was killed by Jack Harkness as he descended into the Vault to kill the Doctor and his companions. The survivors of the New Dalek Empire, a bare three in a damaged Dalek saucer, located a Progenitor device, capable of restoring the Dalek race, which refused to activate for them due to their "impurity". The Daleks decided to lure the Doctor to them by posing as man-made machines in World War II. Gaining the Doctor's "testimony" that they were truly Daleks, the Progenitor finally activated for them, creating a new faction of improved Daleks who thought themselves as superior. These Daleks were led by a white Dalek Supreme. Under the Supreme's orders, the old Daleks were destroyed by the new ones. The Supreme Dalek then threatened to destroy the Earth using an Oblivion Continuum. While the Doctor rushed to Earth to disarm the device, the Supreme Dalek and his subordinates departed the era in a time corridor. A Supreme Dalek (possibly the same one) oversaw the placement of the Eye of Time in the ruins of Kaalann. However, its plot was foiled by the Eleventh Doctor and Amy, reversing the invasion of Earth and sending the Supreme Dalek and his army back to their own time and space. A Supreme Dalek appeared at the opening of the Pandorica. The Eleventh Doctor found a dying Supreme Dalek and took information about the Silence from its memory banks.

Dalek X, also known as the Dalek Inquisitor General, was one of the most sacred and feared Daleks before the Last Great Time War. He was described as having a gunmetal black casing with gold vertical slats and sensedomes. Dalek X's name was famous across the universe. It was not his real name. He adopted it, understanding it evoked fear in humans. It was every bounty hunter's dream to defeat him, but also every bounty hunter's fear to encounter him. He was often called "the Devil in Dalek form". He commanded the first Exterminator-class Dalek vessel, the Exterminator, and had a squad of assault Daleks equipped with laser-cutting claws in place of manipulator arms . He had at least two elite guards, armed with double gunsticks. It answered only to the Supreme Dalek. It ordered the destruction of a ship in the Auros escape fleet. Dalek X lasted until the end of the Second Dalek War when he encountered the Tenth Doctor, travelling to the Dalek Base after the Doctor and a team of bounty hunters were captured. After enslaving them he thought himself victorious over the Time Lord. He exterminated one of the Daleks in the Mines for progress being to slow, then gave orders that every hour the weakest team of miners should be exterminated. Dalek X tortured the Doctor in many ways, simply to see how much pain he could endure. In the end, his methods proved unsuccessful; the Doctor resisted them all. The Doctor offered him the TARDIS. He left with the Doctor and the surviving bounty hunters to the planet Hurala and the abandonded Lodestar refuelling station. In a rage, one of the bounty hunters fought the Daleks and was killed in the process, although the Doctor escaped with the others. Dalek X was attacked from below and knocked into a pit. The Doctor and the others detonated the station, destroying the other Daleks and the Exterminator, along with the other ships. The Dalek Fleet was thrown into disarray by this incident. Dalek X was thought dead, although later the Doctor recognised his radio waves broadcasting across the universe for help, and homed in on him. The Doctor finished what he had started, leaving Dalek X to suffer forever in the darkness, living off life support systems and the astronic radiation, never able to get help because the planet's systems stopped other Daleks from receiving the signal and the planet had been quarantined due to the radiation, the Doctor claimed it would be at least 5000 years before anybody heard the transmission, by which time Dalek X would be gone. He did, however, promise to come back and get his revenge on the Doctor, who promised to be waiting for him.

====Psychology{C} ==== Daleks had little to no individual personality and a strict hierarchy. They were conditioned to obey a superior's orders without question. Ultimately, the most fundamental feature of Dalek culture and psychology was an unquestioned belief in the superiority of the Daleks. Other species were either to be exterminated immediately, or enslaved and then exterminated later once they were no longer necessary. The default directive of a Dalek was to destroy all non-Dalek lifeforms. Daleks even regarded "deviant" Daleks as their enemies and worthy of destruction. The civil war between the Renegade and Imperial Daleks was a prime example of this, with each faction considering the other to be a perversion despite the relatively minor differences between them. This belief also meant that Daleks were intolerant of such "contamination" even within themselves. Once created, a new species of Daleks born from the Progenitor device immediately destroyed the inferior Daleks who were essential to their creation. Another offshoot of this superiority complex was their complete ruthlessness, although this is also due to genetic modifications made to the original Kaled mutants by Davros. It was because of this that it was nearly impossible to negotiate or reason with a Dalek and it was this single-mindedness that made them so dangerous and not to be underestimated. However, their reliance on logic and machinery was also a weakness, albeit one that they recognized in themselves. On two occasions they transferred emotions from other life-forms, in the one case Humans, having refined the Human Factor with the help from the Doctor to create Humanised Daleks. In another incident, they refined savagery, hatred and cunning from many other life forms One unintentionally Humanised Dalek appeared after it used Rose Tyler's DNA to regenerate after sustaining injuries, resulting in involuntarily developing feelings. However, some traditional Dalek psychology remained and the Dalek self-destructed in disgust. ====Culture ==== The Daleks were known to write poetry, and some of the more elaborate Dalek battlecries had an almost poetic quality about them (for example, "Advance and Attack! Attack and Destroy! Destroy and Rejoice!" and repetition of words such as "Predict! Predict! Predict!" Due to their frequent defeats by the Doctor, he became a legendary figure in Dalek culture and mythology. They had standing orders to capture or exterminate the Doctor on sight, and were occasionally able to identify him despite his regenerations. This was not an innate ability, but probably the result of good record keeping. The Daleks knew the Doctor as the "Ka Faraq Gatri", (which meant the "Bringer of Darkness" or "Destroyer of Worlds") The Doctorclaimed that the Daleks also called him "the Oncoming Storm".

Dalek Variants

The Dalek Dronewas the most common Dalek model. They were used as the main "foot soldier". The Daleks which escaped the destruction of the Crucible camouflaged themselves as "Ironsides" which were supposedly created by Edwin Bracewell. These Daleks were khaki-green coloured, probably because it was a self-applied paint job in order to perpetuate the deception that they were obedient war robots. Following the restoration of the Dalek race, the standard Daleks became a bright red colour, but were otherwise no different from their superiors. The original three Daleks were then destroyed by their "superior" successors. While the design of the New Dalek Paradigm drone was mass-produced for some time, the Daleks ultimately chose to return to using the previous bronze design as the standard foot soldiers; the red Dalek variants became an 'Officer' class, while their bronze subordinates served as the drones.

The Astro Dalekwas in charge of studying the space around Skaro. It witnessed the creation of a rogue planet that became known as Skardal.

Blue Dalekswere Daleks bred to be non-commissioned officers. Slightly smarter than the grey Warrior Daleks but without the Red Daleks' level of autonomy, they served as the equivalent of sergeants and corporals. The Doctor told Sam this when she asked about the differently coloured Daleks milling about their city, some of which were blue. During a trial of Davros conducted to root out traitors who sided with him, Blue and Red Daleks filled the room back to the walls behind the higher ranking Daleks. In the ensuing war a Blue Dalek in Davros' resistance was in command of a detail that was setting up bombs in the lift shafts to destabilise the structure of the city's control centre building. Under fire from the Dalek Prime's forces he continued to work on priming the first bomb but as the Daleks beside him were killed he made the decision to abort the countdown and detonate the bombs. The structure was weakened but remained intact.

Red Dalekswere a type of Dalek bred for intermediate roles between the less intelligent Blue Daleks and the Daleks that served as their immediate superiors, the Black Daleks. Unlike Blue Daleks, they were capable of independent thought, allowing some measure of independent action. Like Black Daleks they were capable of holding the rank of Supreme Controller. The earliest known Red Dalek was in charge of the construction of the Sky Seven Space Station when the Mechanoids made their opening volleys in their war with the Daleks. The Red Dalek Leader spared the life of a raving mad Dalek because he correctly believed it was tied to the detected transmissions of alien signals. He located and exposed a camouflaged Mechanoid Interceptor and destroyed it before it could flee. Two more Interceptors arrived, both protected by force fields. He ordered the Daleks to retreat but his Dalek Flying Saucer was melted as he screamed about the heat and the light.

Bombardier Dalekswere a variant of Dalek. Ace fought them during her time with Spacefleet.

The Dalek Time Controller was a Dalek from the far future which was created with an evolved mind that allowed it to perceive time in a more advanced manner than a standard Dalek. Consequently, the Dalek time controller was given the position of strategist for all Dalek time missions.)The Sixth Doctor believed that he had destroyed the Dalek time controller on the Amethyst Viral Containment Station in the far future. However, it was blasted back through the Time Vortex to the late 22nd century where it was retrieved by the Monk. The Dalek time controller took control over Dalek operation and orchestrated the second Dalek invasion of Earth. It planned to use Earth as a space ship containing the viruses from the Viral Station. Ultimately, the Time Controller ,and all Daleks on its ship, were dragged into a time warp thanks to Lucie Miller. However the Time-Controller was saved from destruction by Kotris.

The Psyche Dalekwas a specialised type of Dalek model with an enlarged transparent spherical head and a massive organic brain. It was similar in shape to the Dalek Emperor's mobile casing but without the foreshortened lower section or additional lights on the top of its head. The only known individual of this type, Psyche Dalek Three, accompanied the Black Dalek sent to apprehend Davros on the planet Spiridon. He was tasked to control the Robomen, who had formerly been the Seventh Doctor's friends. Using a small control held in his claw and wired into his arm, he could detect mental activity and direct their actions. When he attempted to direct the robotised Abslom Daak to attack the renegade forces of the Ven-Katri Davrett, the Doctor blocked the signal by surrounding the control with the microthin metal of his map. The invisible Spiridons then lifted him and smashed the casing for his brain against another Dalek.

The Emperor's Personal Guardwas a Dalek organisation made up of Daleks dedicated to protecting the Emperor Dalek at all costs. They were normal Daleks, but with black domes; in addition, they sometimes possessed claws instead of standard manipulator arms or more powerful gunsticks opposite the standard. For whatever reason, either as the Emperor's commanders or simply for their superiority, there were at least two Personal Guard in the execution party that chased the Doctor's TARDIS through eternity. The Emperor was always guarded by the personal guard in its throne room on Skaro. Their dedication to protecting the Emperor may have superseded their obedience, as they protected the Emperor from the attacking Humanised Daleks despite its commands to keep fighting out of the room. During the Last Great Time War, the guards possessed a claw-like manipulator arm and some had a more powerful gunstick opposite the standard gunstick. The Personal Guard also made up the High Council of Daleks, of which the Dalek Supreme was also a member. Although he was not the Emperor, Dalek X also had black-domed guards. They were described as having double gunsticks.

The Vault Daleksor Crucible Daleks were Daleks charged with guarding Davros in the vault of the Crucible. Each Vault Dalek was created from a single cell of Davros' body and kept within the vault to watch him by order of the Supreme Dalek. They were fitted with a special type of manipulator arm, with a claw possessing eight pincers which could operate machinery. The Vault Daleks were destroyed when the Crucible exploded.

The Eternal Dalekwas one of the new varieties of Dalek that emerged from the Progenitor in 1941. It was a special Dalek, like the Supreme Dalek. The particulars of its function were unknown. The new Daleks deposed the old ones as they were impure due to being created from Davros' DNA and attempted to destroy Earth with an Oblivion Continuum bomb inside their android, Professor Edwin Bracewell. The Eternal worked some of the machinery inside the Dalek ship and escaped through the Time corridor with the others when their plans failed. Its precise function was never revealed, leaving it unknown for the time being. The Daleks joined the Alliance formed to imprison the Eleventh Doctor in the Pandorica and save the Universe from the cracks in time created from the TARDIS exploding. When they arrived at Stonehenge, 102 A.D. with the rest of the Alliance, the Eternal, the Supreme and a Drone, witnessed the Doctor being locked in the Pandorica. The Eternal Dalek was reduced to dust and stone along with the Supreme Dalek and the Drone Dalek following total event collapse. This timeline would later be undone by the Doctor, leaving the Eternal and the other Daleks in their proper place in time, never knowing of the cracks. Along with the Scientist Dalek, it only appears in Series 5 of the televised show.

The Strategist Dalekwas one of the new varieties of Dalek which emerged from the Progenitor in 1941. As its name suggests, this rank controlled tactical planning and manoeuvering, coordinating the Drones during battle. The original Strategist, along with the other original four, the Supreme, Eternal, Drone and Scientist, was created by the Progenitor when the old Daleks tricked the Eleventh Doctor. The first Strategist Dalek destroyed an "Ironside" Dalek and the leader gold Dalek. It worked most of the machinery inside the Dalek ship and escaped through the Time corridor with the others when their plans to destroy Earth failed.  Later, a number of Strategists would be seen in the Supreme Council Chamber on a restored Kaalann, alongside the new Dalek Emperor, who was also coloured blue. They may have acted as the Emperor's Personal Guard or members of the Dalek Council. A Strategist Dalek was in command of the platoon that attacked Station 7, with several other Strategists, Scientists and Drones under its leadership. When the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams were transported to the spaceship of the Dalek Parliament, at least one Strategist could be seen amongst the Parliament members.

The Scientist Dalekwas an orange Dalek created by the Progenitor. Its role was to examine and formulate new weapons as well as to analyse the genetic and physiological make-up of the Daleks' enemies so that their weaknesses could be isolated. The original Scientist, along with the other original four, the Supreme, Eternal, Drone and Strategist, was created by the Progenitor when the three survivors of the Crucible incident tricked the Eleventh Doctor into allowing them access to the Progenitor. It escaped through the Time corridor with the others when their plans to destroy Earth failed. Several Scientist Daleks patrolled Kaalann and studied the Varga plants which infested the capital. Several Scientist Daleks were part of the platoon led by a Strategist that attacked Station 7, with several other Strategists and Drones under its leadership. A Scientist Dalek sent an alien family plummeting through time and space while attempting to collect all the Time Orbs. The Scientist recruited many Strategist Daleks and Drones. It also recruited big armies of Cybermen and Silurians as a distraction for the Eleventh Doctor and Amy.

The Spider Daleks were slightly larger than the standard Dalek, but with eight legs. They were more maneuverable than standard Daleks, but more vulnerable at their joints. The Thalsbelieved that this design had been abandoned for centuries. Giant-sized versions, known as Striders, were ten times larger than the standard Spider Dalek.

The Marsh Dalek was a variation on the standard Dalek model. Employed to patrol swamps, the Marsh Daleks were structurally different from the standard model. Resembling cans balanced on thin stilt legs, the Marsh Daleks lacked the common manipulator arm, having a gunstick positioned in the centre of its cylindrical body. Marsh Daleks on Gurnian were responsible for keeping the local wildlife under control but the creatures of Gurnian proved to be a match for the Daleks as at least one Marsh Dalek had fallen prey to a horrorkon.  During the 26th centuryan irregular army fought Marsh Daleks in the Flova trenches. They brought them down by shooting at the legs with high-impulse carbines.

The Special Weapons Dalek was a heavily-armoured Dalek with enhanced defensive capacities and even greater offensive capacities.  Unlike a conventional Dalek, the Special Weapons Dalek had no manipulator arm or eye-stalk. Instead, it had an enormous energy cannon mounted on the front of the armoured casing in place of the usual small gunstickand several red squares around the dome in place of the usual eye-stalk. The Special Weapons Dalek's firepower was so great that one shot completely vaporized two conventional Renegade Daleks, leaving only a pair of burn marks, and the armour was sufficient to deflect conventional Dalek energy weapons without suffering any apparent harm. Initially, the Special Weapons Dalek had a conventional gray livery, marred by dark green stains. Later, like other Imperial Daleks, its livery was white with gold bumps, but with sections of metallic grey armour covering most of the upper portion with much battle scoring. It never spoke and it is unknown whether it could do so.

The Marine Dalek was torpedo-shaped, with eyestalks in front and gunstick and a grappling arm parallel to their bodies. They are also larger than the standard Dalek.

The Storm-Blast Dalek, described as a kind of sergeant-major, was a red Dalek. It operated an area of the Dalek City which offered Daleks target practice against humanoid shapes.

Dalek technology

The key item of Dalek technology is the casing, evolved from the Mark III Travel Machines built by Davros. The casings of Davros' Imperial Daleks were made out of bonded polycarbide. The eyestalk of the casing clearly bestowed superior vision to the Dalek creature, and the plunger-shaped attachment functions as a flexible and adaptable limb. Dalek gunsticks could kill almost any sentient being, also having the ability to paralyse their victims both temporarily and would also appear that the Dalek's gunstalk has also evolved alongside other aspects of Dalek technology. In the original Dalek story the gunstalk seemed to have the same qualities as a human gun in as much as extermination was not always 100% guranteed and some targets could be merely wounded. On the surface of Skaro, within the confines of the Dalek City, the machines ran on static electricity, which was fed through the floor of the city, and were incapacitated if they were removed from the floor. The technology of the casings changed over the years. The first Daleks to emerge from the bunker in which they were entombed created a city and received power from those. Those occupying Earth during the their 22nd century invasion had dishes on their backs. Later models of Dalek casing had their own internal power supply. Numerous models of Daleks have some degree of hover technology. There have been numerous variations on Dalek armoured shell. By the era of the Last Great Time War, Dalek technology had moved on even further - Daleks now had force-fields. Whereas previous versions of Daleks could be destroyed by well-placed bastic bullets or the like, these Daleks stopped such bullets from even getting close to the casing. Their propulsion systems not only added hover ability, but enabled independent space travel. These Daleks could use the DNA of a time traveller to regenerate their bodies and their casings just by virtue of the traveller touching the casing. Dalek travel technology varied over time. Dalek travel technology varied over time. Dalek spaceships were (almost) consistently designed in a saucer shape, and hoverbouts allowed individual Daleks to travel without using their own power. The Daleks also developed time travel capabilities. Time Corridors allowed limited transport between one era and another. The Daleks also developed their own kind of time machine of similar capacities to the Doctor's TARDIS, though they could not change shape. These time travel machines were also dimensionally transcendental. Members of the Cult of Skaro could initiate 'emergency temporal shift' which acted as a teleport through time and space to let the Dalek escape a threat. The Daleks were also experts in biological warfare, and used (or attempted to use) biological weapons on several occasions. Throughout their history, the Daleks employed time travel and time manipulation technology.

Throughout part of their history, the Daleks, rather than having space-time vessels as such, used devices or time corridors. In one instance, a controlled human taken over by the Renegade Dalek faction used a small time controller to direct a time corridor. Both the Dalek Supreme, the head of the Renegade Dalek faction and Davros, the leader of the Imperial Dalek faction desired time travel of the kind already possessed by the Time Lords and sought the Hand of Omega, a Time Lord artefact which could enable this. Even after the Time War, Daleks are still using tim corridors, however, these seem much more accurate and precise than their previous counterparts. Three Daleks survived the destruction of the New Dalek Empire by using one to escape to the past. Later, the five new Daleks used one to escape after the Doctor defeated their plans.

The Daleks developed the Dalek time machine, a machine functionally similar to the TARDIS (except that, having no chameleon circuit, it could not change shape). Eventually, it seems the Daleks did develop the time vessels which they sought. By the time of the Last Great Time War, the Daleks had temporal technology at least comparable to their enemy, the Time Lords, themselves. The casing of the Cult of Skaro (if not ordinary Daleks) contained the ability to effect an emergency temporal shift, making their shells in effect a small time machine.

A Battle computer was a machine intelligence that guided the forces of the Daleks and the Movellans during the Dalek-Movellan War. With both forces following a logical machine outcome, the war lasted for centuries with not a single shot fired as both sides were equally matched. In order to win, each side sought an advantage over the other. The Dalek Empire reawakened their creator, Davros, who would program their computers to provide them that advantage. The Movellans, discovering this, demanded that the Fourth Doctor program their computers likewise in order to defeat their Dalek foes. Later, the Daleks began plugging humans - preferably children - into their battle computers, using their imaginations to bolster the battle computer's strategies.

The Brain Machine was a sophisticated computer used by the Daleks. When Zeg challenged the rule of the Dalek Emperor, the Brain Machine decided that the two would duel to lead the Daleks. Later, when a radioactive cloud of metal-eating rust threatened to destroy the Daleks, the Brain Machine was consulted by the Black Dalek on how to destroy the cloud, which inadvertently created the rust plague.

A cloaking field was a device employed to make the user invisible. Several races had access to this technology. In 1913, the Family of Blood used a cloaking field to hide their ship; it glowed green whenever someone came into contact with it. In 2009, Commander Kaagh of the Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet used a cloaking field to hide himself and his ship. Anubian spacecraft could cloak. In 2050, the Korven supersoldier, Trojan, was equipped with a cloak, but was still detectable by K9. For centuries, a Dalek fleet used a cloaking field to hide from view of the Game Station.

The Computer sphere was a spherical white globe of Dalek design. During the Dalek-Movellan War, the resurrected Davros was given a computer sphere that contained information on the Dalek Battle Fleet. It contained all the details of the situation; with the data being checked and supervised by the Dalek Supreme. Once Davros consulted the information in the sphere, he hatched a plan through which the Daleks would gain dominance over the Movellans. After examining the information, Davros found it to be a concise report on a fascinating problem.

The Dalek Battle Computer was a computer interface the Daleks used. The Renegade Daleks placed one on Earth in November 1963. As this Battle Computer required a human interface to act as a creative intelligence, a young child was selected and conditioned to obey the Daleks. The Dalek Battle Computer was similar in shape to a Dalek. When it was used on Earth in 1963 during the Shoreditch Incident it was black and silver and had a young girl sitting in it. The young girl was under the Daleks' control and operated the Dalek Battle Computer. While connected to the Computer, she was able to fire deadly bolts of electricity from her hands.

The Dalek Factor was the distillation of the essence of what distinguished Daleks from other species (primarily humans). Toward the end of the Last Great Time War the Daleks sent a time capsule to 70 AD Earth in order to spread the Dalek Factor amongst the humans. In this instance the Factor took the form of a distinctive set of genetic changes. The capsule's engine exploded, and the Dalek was killed soon after impact. It was only able to release a small amount of the Dalek Factor, leading to only 1 in 500,000,000 humans having it. The only known carrier of the Dalek Factor was Kate Yates. The Dalek Factor was generally hidden amongst the genes. When the casing of the Dalek was rediscovered and activated in 2007, the Dalek Factor in Kate was reactivated. When Kate Yates was hit by a car, she was able to survive and regenerated the damage away. Her hair turned blond and she gained immense intelligence and increased strength. She also started to develop a Dalek mindset, hating all other humans and trying to help the Daleks. When she touched the casing of the Dalek, Kate was also able to reactivate it and cause a new Dalek to be grown from raw materials in the case. Eventually, she was able to overcome her Dalek instincts and was able to help the Tenth Doctor and Rose kill the Dalek, causing her Dalek Factor to deactivate.

A Dimension Vault was technology of Dalek design. It appeared to have the lower part of a Dalek battle casing with the top part open, with a single, spear shaped device present. The Vault transported people from one world to another. The Cybermen stole a dimension vault in the Void and used it to return to Earth but were catapulted backwards in time. The Tenth Doctor offered to use it to relocate the Cybermen to a planet where they could live their mechanical lives in peace. They refused, and he was forced to destroy them. He used the device to send the remains of the CyberKing into the Time Vortex, where it would be disintegrated.

Geo-forming was a process in which a planet was restructured. Developed by the Daleks, the process made use of tectonic probes and usually resulted in the extinction of indigenous life. Much faster than terraforming, the Daleks used geo-forming on a number of Border Worlds for the construction of vast healing zones.

A gravity beam was a form of quick transport in which the operator was pulled towards the source of its power. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams were forced to embark one of these by the Dalek Council in order to enter the Dalek Asylum. Rory ended up travelling upside down.

A gravity bubble was a form of technology that allowed an object to beat the boundaries of gravity and travel in space. Milo and Frank Shakespeare used gravity bubble technology to transport a Nukaryote to the fathership in space. Edwin Bracewell applied this technology to Spitfires, allowing the pilots to travel around the orbit of planet Earth and attack the Dalek Saucer. Silurians used this technology to transport themselves from their civilisation to the surface of Earth.

The healing zones were vast, city-sized medical complexes developed by the Daleks for the treatment of the NFS plague. Built quickly with geo-forming, the healing zones took in thousands of patients and were the only places that administered Variant 7. The hospital set-up was merely a ruse. The healing zones gave off massive amounts of radiation that reacted with the implanted DNA that was administered through Variant 7, mutating the recipients. Within the heart of each healing zone was a Dalek reproduction factory. Those factors made the healing zones breeding grounds for a massive Dalek army.

The Magnetiser was a large magnet-shaped device that the Daleks used to lift the Dalek Emperor from a watercourse that the Emperor had fallen into following an attack on the Daleks' city by the Monstrons. It took the power from four Daleks to provide enough power to lift the Emperor. Magnetraps could pull spacecraft down to a planet with magnetic attraction exerted by the spotlight-like devices on the four corners of the landing pad. A ship could be brought down so gently that a sleeping crew would not wake before the ship was boarded. On Skaro, the Daleks used a magnetrap in an attempt to capture 2K, but he used a drill in his head to escape underground. The Daleks later used a magnetrap to capture Kirid's spacecraft. On Gurnian, the Daleks used a magnetrap to capture the craft transporting Mary Stone and Andy Stone.

Magnetrons were devices used to transport massive objects, such as planets. The technology was possessed by both Daleks and Time Lords alike. The Time Lords used a magnetron to transport the entire Sol system in what became known as the Ravolox affair. The Magnetron was later used to return the Sol system to its original location. The Daleks used a magnetron to move 27 planetary bodies to the Medusa Cascade. The Tenth Doctor later used it to return all but one of them to their original locations. The Daleks' version was evidently somewhat more advanced than the Time Lord version, which destroyed most of Earth's surface when it was used on the planet; by comparison, the Dalek version did no apparent damage at all to the planet, however it was used to move the rest of the solar system at the same time so it must have caused some feedback. While it can be assumed that the Time Lord magnetron probably could have been used to transport objects through time as well as space, only the Dalek technology was explicitly shown to have a temporal aspect, as some of the stolen planets were taken from completely different moments in time. In an alternate timeline, the Daleks used a time vortex magnetron which would cause the human guerrillas who had travelled to the 20th century to be drawn to the Daleks' base the next time they used their time machine. By mistake, Jo Grant was drawn in instead.

An Oblivion Continuum was Dalek technology. It involved the containment of wormholes for power sources. They could be used to power androids or as explosive warheads. An Oblivion Continuum was powerful enough to shatter planets and cause worlds to bleed into the next dimension. Whilst the Doctor was aware of the existence of such power sources, he had never seen one up close. A group of Daleks created the android Edwin Bracewell to ensure their masquerade as human weapons in the Ironside Project during World War II. They implanted an Oblivion Continuum in him as both an energy source and a bomb to destroy the Earth once their mission was complete. After the activation of the Progenitor device and the inception of the new Daleks, the Dalek Supreme told the Eleventh Doctor an Oblivion Continuum was in Bracewell. Unless he called off his attack, they would activate the power source and destroy the planet. When the Doctor complied, the Daleks activated the bomb anyway and fled through a time corridor. The Doctor only managed to stop the Oblivion Continuum from detonating with the aid of Amy Pond, giving Bracewell a reason to live, deactivating the weapon.

An orbitus was a multi-functional robot not usually seen on any world but Skaro. Nevertheless, Captain Rod Marlow found one on a mission to a planet the Daleks had deserted. He brought it back and gave to his son, Roger, as a birthday present. The orbitus saved Roger's life when the boy was captured by the criminals Sheer and Karsoff. The full range of the robot's capabilities was unknown. Nevertheless, some facts were observed about the orbitus. It had the capacity to adapt extremely quickly to its master's wishes. Above and beyond the extraordinary ability to process human speech and make logical deductions about what it heard, it also had:

·         a geomath calculator which helped it play draughts and other board games

·         a sensor receiver, which allowed it to "hijack" images shown at local cinemas and display them locally

·         sonic difuser beams, which allowed for simple cleaning tasks

·         photomatic memory cells, which gave it"all the knowledge in the world"

·         anti-grav propulsors, which converted it into a high-speed vehicle

·         the ability to travel underwater and to provide air bubbles for organic passengers

·         metron disseminator beams that could burn through metal

The Pathweb was the (unnaturally) shared intelligence of the Daleks, containing information on their history and experiences. It was more a telepathic link than it was a true hive mind. It is unknown when the Pathweb was developed but it was possessed by the Parliament of the Daleks, and Daleks present on Aridius, Kembel, Vulcan, Spiridon, and Exxilon. The Doctor had attempted to hack into the Pathweb at some point but was unsuccessful. Several inmates of the Dalek Asylum attacked him upon recognising him, but Oswin Oswald, already part of the Pathweb because of her conversion into a Dalek, deleted all information connected with the Doctor. All and any memory of the Doctor within the Dalek race was therefore forgotten.

The Progenitor device was a piece of Dalek technology designed to create new Daleks. It stored pure Dalek DNA. Thousands of such machines were created by the Dalek Empire in the past. Eventually, all but one were lost. Following a previous Dalek invasion that was stopped by the Tenth Doctor, a Dalek saucer managed to survive but was severely depleted by its hardships and badly damaged. The crew managed to locate one of the last Progenitor devices, but, as these Daleks had been created from the DNA of Davros, the machine refused to activate for them, as it did not consider them to be "pure". It was programmed to recognise the Time Lord known as "the Doctor" as an enemy. Thus, the Daleks went back in time to World War II where they created an android called Professor Edwin Bracewell who was completely unaware of his true origin. Masquerading as human, he "created" military robots in the Ironside Project for the United Kingdom for use against the Nazis. The Daleks waited for the Doctor to discover them. When the Eleventh Doctor arrived, the Daleks pretended to be simple human weapons, which caused the Doctor to become frustrated to the point that he declared them to be Daleks. With the testimonial recorded, the group of Daleks transmitted the recording to the progenitor which recognised the Doctor and thus accepted the command to activate. Within moments, the New Dalek Paradigm was created. The New Paradigm quickly exterminated the forebears who willingly offered themselves for extermination. The New Paradigm intended to escape through a time corridor to the future so that they could rebuild their empire. Despite the Doctor's best efforts, the Daleks managed to escape.

A schizoid accelerator was used in the first major phase of a particular Dalek operation on the human brain. It destroyed the human ego. Afterward, during the second phase of the operation, the surgeon would implant a Skaro mesmeristor in the brain to convert the human "into a humanoid" which would obey the Daleks without question. Jeff Stone witnessed a lecture on the proper surgical procedure regarding this device whilst on Skaro.

The Skaro mesmeristor was the object of the second major phase of a particular Dalek operation on the human brain. Following the use of the schizoid accelerator — which destroyed the human ego — the mesmeristor was implanted in the brain to convert the human "into a humanoid" which would obey the Daleks without question. Jeff Stone witnessed a lecture on the proper surgical procedure regarding this device whilst on Skaro.

Sky-spy was Dalek technology. It was housed in the Daleks' capital city and protected Skaro. It allowed the Daleks to detect incoming enemy vessels and launch deadly, missile-based counter-attacks. It was the primary target of the first ADF raid against Skaro . It was destroyed by Joel Shaw, Reb Shavron and Mark Seven. So integral was it to Skarosian defence, its destruction left the city open to easy attack by aerial ADF bombardment.

The temporal stabiliser was a device that was essential to operating a space-time machine. Temporal stabilisers were used by the Time Lords, the Daleks and the Korven. Korven used temporal stabilisers in the Space-Time Manipulators on their ships, one of which crashed on Earth before 2050. The Department salvaged technology from the crash site in Canada. The STM was taken to Gryffen Manor in London so Professor Alistair Gryffen could study it. However, they had missed the stabiliser and it remained in the ship. After activity at the crash site caused disturbances in the STM, Gryffen went there with Thorne to get the STM. Despite a Korven attack, Gryffen took it back to the Manor. Gryffen refused to use it on the STM lest the Korven come through. However, when a strange phenomenon in the STM threatened the Earth, Gryffen was forced to use it, allowing the Korven vanguard led by Lomax through. Gryffen got to the Millennium Dome and terminated the STM.

The Time Controller was an object with which one faction of Daleks in the Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War controlled their method of time travel. Physically, the Time Controller was a globe which appeared to be used only by a human controller.

A Time Scoop (alternatively spelled Timescoop) was a device which could be aimed at any point in time and space, and then lift people or things to a different point in time and space. One of the elements needed to make a Time Lord Time Scoop was taranium from Pazithi Gallifreya. The Time Scoop created by the Time Lords was used to transport people and items to the Death Zone on Gallifrey. The Time Scoop transported the Doctor there numerous times and also transported enemies of his, including Daleks, Cybermen, and Yeti. The Second Doctor encountered many villains, including a Raston Warrior Robot and a vampire, that were brought via time scoop. The Sixth Doctor was once ensared by a Time Scoop created by the Daleks. They hoped to recruit him to stop Davros from creating the Juggernauts. Another Time Scoop was created by Professor Whitaker to transport dinosaurs from prehistory to the 1970s in order to force an evacuation of London. He planned to use the device to create a stable field around London, while the rest of the planet would be returned to a time when it was purer and hadn't been almost destroyed by the creations of man. His plan was foiled when the Doctor stopped the machine, but it accidentally sent Whitaker and his assistant Charles Grover back to an unknown time. A Time Scoop was used by Handrel to gather various ancient creatures in an attempt to solve the problem of limited regeneration. The Monk created a makeshift Time Scoop to capture a TARDIS in order to fix his own.

Dalek Fleet

The Dalek Fleet, also known as the Dalek Imperial Fleet when controlled by the Emperor, was the massive fleet of flying saucersand battlecruisers used by the Daleks. The Dalek fleet during the Second Dalek War consisted of the ultimate flagship, an Exterminator-class vessel by the name of the Exterminator under the command of the Dalek Inquisitor General. The Tenth Doctor was accidentally taken back to the war by the TARDIS and helped to destroy the Exterminator and its provisions. The loss of such a powerful ship put a massive dent in the Dalek war machine and their fleet was pushed right back by the Earth Empire. During the Dalek-Movellan War, hundreds of Battlecruisers flew with Movellan Battlecruisers without a single shot being fired because of both sides having reached a logical impasse. The Daleks launched over a thousand Dalek Saucers into the Time Vortex; these forces were stopped by the Eighth Doctor, who left them trapped in the vortex. The Time Lords later made a deal with the Daleks that allowed them to leave the Time Vortex. Under the rule of the Dalek Emperor, the Dalek Imperial Fleet engaged the Time Lords in the Last Great Time War. Before burning in the Doctor's inferno, the fleet was made up of 10 million ships. Many Dalek saucers were seen crashed on Gallifreyduring the final day of the Time War. When the Emperor rebuilt the Daleks out of humans by the year 200,100, the fleet was comprised of 200 flying saucers with an estimated 2000 Daleks on board each one. The fleet proceeded to bombard the surface of theEarth which changed the shape of entire continents. The fleet was, however, along with all the Daleks, turned into atoms by the Bad Wolf entity within Rose Tyler.  Having recreated the Dalek race by 2009Davros, like the Emperor, constructed 200 flying saucers that took part in 2009 Dalek invasion of Earth. Having no planetary base, the fleet's command served as the Cruciblespace station. This fleet was destroyed when the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor maximised and blasted back thedalekanium power feeds of the Daleks; this caused the Daleks to explode and the fleet, including the Crucible, either exploded as a result of this, or was also linked to the Dalekanium power feeds and exploded independently.  One saucer, either from the Battle of the Game Station or the War in the Medusa Cascade, survived and fell through time to the Second World War. The Daleks on-board found a Progenitor device and were able to use it to restore the Dalek race. The new Daleks escaped in the saucer to rebuild.  A fleet of Dalek saucers were used during an attack on Earth's top secret Station 7 when searching for an experimentation on Dalek nature to make them less aggressive. The fleet was destroyed on the planet below the station by a deliberate eruption planned by the Eleventh Doctor and allies. At Stonehenge, while scanning for ships, the Eleventh Doctor found Dalek ships in orbit and, thinking it was only the Daleks, stated that a Dalek fleet would have a minimum of 12,000 ships armed to the teeth. 

Dalek Battlecruisers were a large part of the Dalek Empire's fleet. Hundreds of battlecruisers faced Movellan Battlecruisers during the Daleks' war with the Movellans due to a stalemate that had been reached. When Davros, the creator of the Daleks, was being held aboard a prison space station, the Daleks used one of their battlecruisers to attack the station and retrieve him. However, it was destroyed when the space station blew up.

A Dalek Deep Space Battle Cruiser was used by the Daleks used in their attack on Omegon. It was destroyed by Mark Seven using a crantinium bomb the Daleks intended to use against the ADF and the colonists of Omegon. Remembering that Crantinium was magnetic, Mark Seven propelled the bomb it into space to attach to the hull of the nearby Dalek Deep Space Battle Cruiser. Once magnetised to the hull, the crantinium-hulled bomb exploded, wiping out the Dalek presence in that planetary system.

Dalek Destroyers were warships in the Dalek Fleet. Like other Dalek craft, they could create time corridors and travel through hyperspace. At least one destroyer was used by Daleks to travel to Kar-Charrat to obtain all the information in the Library on Kar-Charrat.

The Dalek Flagship was the main warship of the Dalek Fleet. Like many of the other ships, it was a flying saucer, but is many times larger than the size of the standard Dalek flying saucer. During the Last Great Time War, the flagship fell through time and arrived during the 100,000s. The ship housed the Dalek Emperor, which was wired directly into the ship, and the Emperor's Personal Guards.The Flagship held one hundred thousand Daleks. When the Fleet invaded Earth in 200,100, the flagship had missiles to fire at targets and hangars from which Daleks could be launched. The ship, as well as the Fleet and every Dalek, was destroyed when Rose Tyler became the Bad Wolf entity. There were other Dalek flagships in Dalek history before the Time War. Another flagship, by the name of the Exterminator, was the first of its kind and was placed under the command of Dalek X, the Dalek Inquisitor General, during the Second Dalek War. The ship was considered by the Daleks as the ultimate expression of power. The Doctor in his tenth incarnation helped destroy it. The Exterminator's destruction was a stunning loss to the Dalek Empire and it gave Earth what was needed to be able to push the Dalek fleet out of Earth-Space.

Flying Saucers were the most common spaceships used by theDaleks, from their early history, through the Last Great Time War and beyond, proving to be an integral part of the Dalek war machine. In their first attempts to obtain space travel, the Daleks built prototype ships such as Proto 14, and 9Proto 13 had a flying saucer design, was successful in take off, space flight, and entering/exiting hyperspace. It became the standard Dalek ship. The Daleks used saucers when invading planets, including the 22nd century Dalek invasion of Earth. Each saucer was under the command of a Dalek Saucer Commander. The saucers were also used by the Dalek Empire during the Second Dalek War of the 26th century. One saucer, named the Exterminator, was a supreme Exterminator-class flagship belonging to the Dalek Inquisitor General, Dalek X. When the Exterminator was destroyed, the Dalek fleet was pushed right back from Earth-Space. After the Dalek war, a Dalek saucer travelled to the planet Exxilon in search of parrinium. All of its power was taken by the Exxilon City. When the power was restored, the ship took off. It was destroyed by Dan Galloway, who had stowed away on the ship with a bomb, which he detonated.  During the Last Great Time War each sphere contained about two thousand Daleks each and were small and bronze-coloured, the same colour as the drone Daleks of that time. The flagship was the same colour but many times larger and contained both Dalek drones and the Emperor's Personal Guards. It could fire projectile weaponry. The Daleks launched over a thousand Dalek Saucers into the Time Vortex. These forces were stopped by theDoctor, who left them trapped in the vortex. The Time Lords later made a deal with the Daleks that allowed them to leave the Time Vortex. On Gallifrey during the last day of the Last Great Time War, dozens of crashed Dalek saucers lay near the badly damaged Capitol of the Time Lords. At the end of the Last Great Time War, theEighth Doctor caused all of the fleet to burn away except one, the Emperor's flagship, which fell through time to the the turn of the2002nd century. The Dalek Emperor built two hundred ships of his fleet and created half a million new Daleks to rule. These were all destroyed by the Bad Wolf entity. The New Dalek Empire used saucers with a modified appearance in their2009 invasion of Earth. Though the Daleks themselves could fly and had personal weaponry, smaller versions of the saucers served as fighter craft.  One of these ships survived the the conclusion of the 2009 invasion of Earth, and fell through time to 1941. When the three surviving Daleks onboard were confronted by the Doctor, they used a beacon on the ship to activate all the lights in London, leaving it vulnerable to the German blitz. Enhanced Spitfires were sent to destroy the beacon. Three were destroyed by the Dalek defence guns mounted around the saucer, but the Eleventh Doctor disabled the ship's shields and the dish was destroyed. When their plan to detonate the Oblivion Continuum failed, the new Daleks left in their ship through a Time corridor. A single Dalek saucer was used by a platoon of Daleks to recover their lost Time Axis from the SS Lucy Grey. The ship was fired into the sun. Dalek saucers were used in the attack on Station 7 when the Daleks conducted a search for "the Abomination". They disguised their saucers as asteroids which they discarded when the attack began. All were destroyed — save one, which was used by an SSS officer to travel home — when caught in a deliberate volcanic eruption. When the Daleks joined the Alliance formed to imprison the Eleventh Doctor in the Pandorica to save the Universe, many Dalek Saucers were part of the Alliance fleet which arrived at Stonehenge in 102 A.D.

The Dalek Hive was a large space cruiser. Its hull was made up of 3 billion tonnes of solid dalekanium. Its propulsion units generated a force equivalent of 600 erupting volcanoes.

The Dalek shuttle was a shuttlecraft used by the Daleks to travel from their ships to the surfaces of planets. The shuttle was docked on the Dalek Mothership and left through a hatch on the ship's underside. The shuttle could hold four Daleks and had heavy ground defences. Imperial Daleks used a Dalek Shuttle to reach Earth to find the Hand of Omega for their emperor, Davros, before the Renegade Daleks did for the Dalek Supreme. It was probably destroyed when the Hand of Omega hit the Mothership and destroyed it, though it could have been used as an escape pod.

A Dalek time machine, sometimes called a Dalek time ship, was roughly comparable in abilities to a Time Lord TARDIS. It was dimensionally transcendent and created for the express purpose of chasing the First Doctor through time and space. One of these craft enabled the Doctor's companions Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright to return home. The Doctor instructed the pair to set the ship for self-destruction after it had transported them to 1965 London. The Daleks and Mavic Chen used a Dalek time ship to pursue the First Doctor, his companions and the Monk. The Daleks used taranium to power their space-time craft.

The Exterminator-class vessel was a type of starship used by the Dalek Empire. The class of vessel was built in the 26th century during a conflict between humanity and the Daleks. Considered the ultimate Dalek space craft, it was armed to the teeth and carried a crew of 500. The first vessel of this class was the Exterminator, which was the flagship of the Dalek fleet and used as the personal ship of the Dalek Inquisitor General, Dalek X. The ship was destroyed by the Tenth Doctor, who detonated the fuel residue in a silo.

A Void Ship was a spacecraft designed to explore the Void that existed between dimensions. It appeared as a golden sphere until it was activated, at which point it opened up to reveal the occupants. There was no evidence that the ship could actually touch its surroundings. When travelling through the Void, the ship was separate from time and space and, until activated, had no detectable mass, heat or radiation, though it was visible. An invisible barrier prevented anything from touching the ship. It was thought to be impossible, but it did exist. The only known Void Ship was used by the Daleks of the Cult of Skaro to escape the Time War with the Genesis Ark. It is unknown if they built it themselves or if it was constructed for them

Dalek Weaponry

The Time Destructor was a unique superweapon developed in the 40th century. A small device, easy to carry, the Time Destructor would only work once, exhausting its taranium core. It could accelerate or reverse the flow of time with devastating effect. It was controlled by a switch. The Doctor's TARDIS offered immunity from the distortions to the time flow. Once the Time Destructor had burnt itself out, its effects reversed for the survivors, though not for those killed by it.

The Reality Bomb was a super-weapon created by Davros for the use of the Daleks. The weapon made use of the Stolen Planets transported to the Medusa Cascade, captured by the New Dalek Empire, along with the unique Z-Neutrino-based energy source of the Crucible. This bomb worked by canceling out the electrical field holding atoms together, and is capable of wiping the entire universe and all of creation; all except for those within or near the Crucible. Once the weapon penetrated the time rift at the heart of the Medusa Cascade, it would spread into every parallel universe and alternate dimension as well. The reality bomb was planned to destroy all other forms of life in every universe - except for that of the Daleks, to make them become the only race in all of existence. The reality bomb was actually an electromagnetic cancelling wave, the emitters of which were several large, luminous green hemispheresset into the exterior hull of the Crucible. Each hemisphere was contained within a ring of panels which resembled the slats on a Dalek casing. There was a smaller scale version located inside the Crucible which was used for a successful test firing on a group of Humans. The Doctor and his companions were successful in preventing the use of the weapon on a large scale. It was destroyed when the Crucible exploded.

An Atom Divider was an apparently nuclear weapon which the Black Dalek and his minions used to destroy a leg of Mechanoid City on the planet Mechanus. The resulting explosion toppled the city and handed the Daleks victory in their battle against the Mechanoids.

The Contagium was a device created by the Daleks. When released into an environment, it transformed its biological host into a factory which produced nanites which burrowed into the brain and placed anyone infected under Dalek control.

A dalekanium bomb was an explosive capable of penetrating Dalek casings, discovered by Daleks in an alternate timeline in the 22nd century. The secret formula for it had been stolen from the Daleks by the human resistance. Shura brought a dalekanium bomb with him to the 20th century on the mission to kill Sir Reginald Styles. He instead used it to destroy the Daleks and Ogrons who had gathered at Auderly House, thus preventing his timeline from coming to pass.

Neutron fire was a weapon which the Daleks planned to use on the New Earth System to destroy it so that they could turn the system into a breeding ground for cloning Daleks.

The Temporal Extinction Device was a weapon of Dalek design used by the Dalek Empire. One device was deployed in a time fissure by a Dalek vessel within the Time Vortex. This caused instability. The Dalek time ship was swamped by a tidal wave of temporal energy. With the failure of the Dalek forces to manipulate the time fissure, they attempted to create a second device by using a nuclear reactor.

Slave Races

Dalek Puppets were beings who had been taken by the Daleks and partially converted to serve them as slaves. These slaves were used as sleeper agents. When activated, they would have a miniature Dalek eyestalk extend from their forehead and a miniature Dalek gunstick from his or her hand. The process occurred when any unprotected non-Dalek entered the Dalek Asylum; the air contained a nanocloud that would slowly convert the victim into an unwitting servant of the Daleks. Not even death could protect them from this fate: the conversion process worked on dead and living flesh alike, and could turn innocent corpses into shambling, zombie-like creatures. Time Lords cannot be converted by this means. All intact bodies of the Alaska had this fate befall them, apart from Oswin Oswald who was entirely converted to a Dalek. More primitive progenitors of the Dalek puppets were the Robomen who were prisoners on whose brains the Daleks operated in a surgical procedure called the Transfer, fitting them with large, helmet-like headsets. The Daleks' mind control technique was unstable, and the Robomen would eventually go insane and commit suicide. The eyestalk extending from Dalek puppets' foreheads made them visually reminiscent of Dalek Troopers.

The Dalek Troopers were a group of mercenaries hired by the Dalek Supreme. Dalek numbers had been greatly reduced by the war with the Movellans. In response, the Daleks, led by the Supreme Dalek at that time, hired human or Near-human mercenaries. The Dalek Troopers bolstered their ranks with mind-controlled Duplicates such as Stien. The Dalek troopers, at least those in command, retained noticiably more free will and autonomy than either the earlier Robomen  or the subsequent Dalek puppets. One squadron of troopers were hired as auxiliaries to assist in the rescue of Davros, whom the humans had imprisoned in suspended animation. The squad's commanding officer, Lytton, often disagreed with the Supreme Dalek over the approach to the Daleks' overall strategy, but otherwise the squad did their duties to their masters. The company took casualties from surviving members of the crew of Davros' prison, while others were subverted to Davros' cause. Eventually they were betrayed by the Supreme Dalek, and all but Lytton were killed in a battle on Earth circa 1984. Dalek Troopers wore armour and helmets that had highlights similar to Dalek casings, but the armour was not resistant against Dalek weapons, nor even against human sidearms. Their uniforms were black and grey with either red or yellow markings. The troopers were armed with a rifle-type of blaster that fit completely over one hand. The hand blaster and helmet-mounted eyestalks were incorporated directly into the bodies of the later Dalek puppets.

Humanoids were humans who had undergone a mind-controlling surgical procedure by the Daleks. The person outwardly appeared perfectly human but was in fact under the control of the Daleks. A humanoid was an adapted lifeform Daleks created when they used a schizoid accelerator to remove a human's ego, and then implanted a Skaro mesmeristor into the subject's brain. In this way, they were able to completely control a human. Venusian Jeff Stone once observed a demonstration of the procedure in the so-called "Anatomy Room" on Skaro, and brought the term back for use amongst his fellow humans. Later, Jeff, his brother and his sister fell prey to a humanoid attack on the planet Mars. Sara Kingdom once opined that anyone who landed on the planet Vara would instantly be converted into a humanoid by the Daleks. The term humanoids was also used to refer to humanoid robots created by the Daleks to impersonate particular humans.

Robomen were humans converted by the Daleks into wholly obedient slaves during the 22nd century Dalek invasion of Earth. These surgically modified captives were used for patrols and overseeing other slaves. The robomen were needed because there were few Daleks on Earth. The Daleks captured prisoners and operated on their brain in a surgical procedure called the Transfer, fitting them with large, helmet-like headsets. The Daleks' mind control technique was unstable, and the Robomen would eventually go insane and commit suicide. In the aftermath of their invasion of Mutter's Spiral in 4162, The Daleks used a more sophisticated implantation technique. Rather than fitting their subjects with grafted positronic discs and communication devices, the circuitry was placed inside the brain and the robomen retained independent thought. These robomen were much harder to detect and far more dangerous. Orders from their Dalek masters would be filtered through normal thought processes, the subject seemingly unaware of the disc implant. One such roboman was Gordon Pellan, who was gunned down by Earth Alliance forces. Mirana, another of these newer, more sophisticated Robomen, was linked directly to the Dalek Emperor's mind. She was unaware of the linkage and when told of the implant, she was confused. The implant itself was deemed impossible to remove without killing the subject, but it could be disabled. Mirana's implant was disabled surgically, though she could still receive transmissions from the Dalek command net. The remnants of the Earth Alliance used her to track a small battalion of Daleks on Lopra Minor. A number of robomen, similar in appearance and sophistication to those used in the 22nd century, were captured by Space Security Service agents when they retook the planet Caridos from the Daleks and brought to Space Station 7 for study. The robomen were completely inert until a Dalek task force invaded, reactivating them to fight from within.

Pig slaves were geneticaly-mutated human-pig hybrids. They had a lifespan that measured in terms of weeks. They were both the servants and creations of the Cult of Skaro, following the Cult's emergency temporal shift to New York City in the early 20th century. The pig slaves were humans before the Cult converted them into beasts. They were then used to capture more humans. It is unknown why the Daleks chose pigs, but a possible explanation may be biological similarities between humans and pigs. When the pig slaves captured humans, the Daleks performed an intelligence scan on each of them. Humans of high intelligence were used for the "Final Experiment", while those of low intelligence were turned into the pig slaves. One individual, Laszlo, was only partially transformed. The slaves only lived for a few weeks (save Laszlo, as he was not completely transformed). They were amazingly strong, being able to restrain a human with ease. They were also vicious fighters and were trained to slit a human's throat with their bare teeth. They were killed by Martha Jones and Laszlo with electricity from a lightning strike. Pig slaves were later used on Skaro.

Varga plants were deadly plants native to the planet Skaro. The Varga plants resembled large cacti, but with roots that allowed them to drag themselves along. They had the ability to poison other creatures with their thorns, making them into other Varga plants. An infected victim would first become homicidal. As the infection progressed, white hair would grow over their bodies. The Varga plants that infested Kaalann were different in appearance, being more akin to a Venus Flytrap and immobile. Their venom also killed with a touch. The spines could not penetrate the thick hide of a Slyther. Varga plants existed since very early in Skaro's history. The name "Varga" meant "devourer" in the Dal language. Originally they could not move; instead they would wait until their prey approached them. Later, due to the chemical and radiological pollutants in Skaro's atmosphere and environment, they began to mutate so they could move. By the 39th century, the Daleks had imported them to other worlds. When the Daleks set up a base on the planet Kembel they brought some Varga plants with them to act as sentries in the jungle surrounding their base. Jeff Garvey and Gordon Lowery, members of Marc Cory's expedition team, became infected. The plant was again found on a terraformed Jupiter where the plant infected a large battalion of Earth Alliance troops. Following the Last Great Time War, Varga plants infested the ruined Dalek capital city of Kaalann. Though these could not move themselves, they had long, snapping "mouths" which excreted jets of venom. When the operators of Station 7 took a section of petrified forest from Skaro, they took some Varga plants with it. These plants were similar to the ones used on Kembel, but possessed arms and legs, rendering them capable of full movement.

Slythers were large, tentacled, blob-like creatures native to Skaro. Slythers looked like large, black, jellyfish-like creatures. Their skins were so thick that they were immune to the stings of the Varga plant. They moved slowly and regularly groaned. During the 22nd century Dalek invasion of Earth, the Daleks used Slythers in their attacks. The Black Dalek used a Slyther to guard the Bedfordshire mines at night, where it killed and ate anything it found. After it attacked a small group of humans consisting of Ian Chesterton, Larry Madison, Wells, and Ashton (killing the last), Ian hit it with a rock, causing it to fall down a pit to its death. By 2199, there were still Slythers in the forests around London. During the late 22nd century, parents who had been alive during the invasion of Earth told stories of the Slythers to scare their children into behaving. In the year 2515, the Daleks used Slythers during their assault on Lan Beta. During the 41st century, Station 7 contained a section of the forest on Skaro which included Varga plants and a Slyther which later returned to the Daleks.

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